10th CineBH


Dare is necessary

The exhibition CineBH celebrates, in 2016, a decade of history. The event was born in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, one of the most traditional cultural strongholds in the state capital and was responsible for the re-opening of the Cine Santa Tereza neighborhood theater founded in 1944 and off since 1980. At the time, the Universe Production installed an "operation" in record time of reconstruction of the physical space of the cinema was opened temporarily for the event headquarters (2007-2011), and this year was reopened after the completion of reforms making it the only municipal street theater of the city. The CineBH returns to the neighborhood to celebrate its 10 years and toast the cinematic legacy that motivated new initiatives and dialogues in the community, in Belo Horizonte

 Over eight days of free programming offered to the public, the 10th CineBH happens in six public spaces in the city - Clovis Salgado Foundation, Mis Santa Tereza Cine, Cine 104, SESC Palladium, Sesiminas Theatre, Museum of Arts and Crafts and features a selection national and international films, pre-premieres and retrospectives, thematic exhibitions. Promotes debates, dialogues and business meetings. Invests in the education and training of professionals by offering workshops, still holds the Cine Expression - The School goes to the movies, program that benefits students and teachers of public schools and Mostrinha Film dedicated to infantojuvenil public.

 In this edition, the theme the plan against the image: Resistance cinema, proposed by Curated by film critics Francis Vogner dos Reis and Pedro Butcher, makes important propositions through films, discussions, dialogues and meetings with the intention of thinking of resistance image before the new configuration of film culture. Portuguese cinema will be inspired to reflect on these issues and the Portuguese director Joao Cesar Monteiro, one of the greats of world cinema, was chosen to be the honoree of the event and win a retrospective of his work

 On the screens, 69 films (33 long, 3 medium and 41 short) in national and international premieres, retrospectives and thematic exhibitions from 13 countries - Portugal, France, USA, Mozambique, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Paraguay, Bolivia ., United Kingdom and Japan from Brazil, productions will be displayed in previews of nine states - Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Amazonas, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraíba and Ceará presenting the diversity of world film production.

 The 10th CineBH opens the program with the national premiere of the film Elon does not believe in death, one mining production directed by filmmaker Ricardo Alves. Jr., 2013, still, the script development phase, the project was selected for the 4th edition of Brazil CineMundi.

 In Shows Contemporary, Brazilian and foreign films divide the public spotlight interested in knowing a new and exciting panorama of world cinema. In Shows Historical Dialogues, the proposal does not lose sight of the historical perspective and in this issue, are displayed three highly representative films of the solid film culture with sessions commented by critical guest this eidção, Italian Adriano Apra, founder of the magazine Cinema and Film and author of several books. One of the most respected names in cinematic reflection worldwide.

 One of the novelties of this edition is to show the city in motion that makes room for dialogue, meeting, exhibition expressing the artistic and social manifestations of issues relevant to the city of Belo Horizonte. The public will have the opportunity to know who moves the city, auais the relations between urban, cultural and social policy proposals and the processes of resistance in the capital. How to understand the role of the actors in these movements, as we correspond and communicate with this multiple and diverse front.

 Simultaneously to all this programming, happens Brazil CineMundi -International Co-production Meeting, consolidated as audiovisual market event that connects between the Brazilian production and independent audiovisual industry. The program in its 7th edition is a reference and networking platform for contacts and business for Brazilian cinema in exchange with the world. Plays the role to develop, empower and solidify the co-production of paths in the Brazilian audiovisual scene

 In this edition, receives 22 international representative invited the world's audiovisual industry from 12 countries - Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay disembarking in Belo Horizonte to participate in various activities promoted the event - seminar, discussions, business roundtables, relationship agenda, cooperation activities and exchange and awards and meet new Brazilian projects in development and pre-production.

 Also Integrates programming, Brazil CineMundi Seminar which brings together 34 national and international guests at the center of debates, workshops, dialogues, co-production meetings, roundtables, relationships agenda. The challenges of the Brazilian audiovisual sector in the global market set the tone of the debate schedule. On the agenda, the Brazilian audiovisual market, public policy, international co-production, the documentary film, the exchange and cooperation options, integration strategies in the market, distribution and circulation of content, experience report, and the mysteries that make Portuguese cinema one of the most interesting produced in the world, past and present.

 Thanks to the sponsors, partners and supporters who joined forces to make possible this accomplishment, the audiovisual professionals, the genius who print in their work, and teamwork, trustees and employees for their dedication and competence.

 In Minas Gerais,  two important developments - 10th CineBH and 7 Brazil CineMundi - win the foreground and mark a sublime time of ideas, meetings, and critical discussions. Initiatives that contribute positively to the acceleration of dialogue and international co-production.

 As said Guimarães Rosa "Things change quickly in slow times.
Who elected the search, can not refuse to cross ... "
Here we are, celebrating 10 years of crossing,
remembering the beginning of everything
believing everything we've done and what is to come.


Raquel Hallak d’Angelo
Quintino Vargas Neto
Fernanda Hallak d’Angelo
Directors of the Universe  Productions
Coordinators CineBH and Brazil CineMundi