7th Brazil CineMundi

In its 7th edition, the Brazil CineMundi doubles down on the affirmation of theBrazilian film identity as a matrix of ideas. The approach of our work honors the analysis, the investigation, the logic and the reflection of this world we belong to, a world we cherish and trust. Promoting the internationalization of our staff and partners, we have contributed to keeping our network of contacts alive, attracting new investors, producers and filmmakers, and creating a precious mosaic made of concrete proposals and projects.

 Our great Cinema family supports and believes in the Brazil CineMundiinitiative, and we can count, on each edition, with the constant and continuous increase of projects submitted. In 2016, 118 projects were submitted, a 16% increase compared to the previous year. Projects from 14 states, from varying regions in Brazil, show a wide range of aesthetics propositions, each project in a different stage of development. Some projects are in the final stages of research. Others are in the initial stages, working on their original story and showing great potential for its development. We've received projects based on original themes, on the study of form and narrative, with a proud majority of stories with social-political content; stories of displacements, looking at other continents, neighboring countries and different Brazilian states. In several of these cases, the story comes from personal, family or historic memory, without loosing touch with the universal.

In the CineMundi category we kept the selection number of 10 projects, like previous years, but, as a result of one of our new partnerships, we have invited an extra one. Most of the selected projects are debuting or second film productions, they are recent projects, presenting themselves in the market for the first time, which makes them even more attractive for the international professionals we have invited, and increases the feasibility of making lasting coproduction agreements. This selection will participate in our pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with our international guests.

The Doc Brazil Meeting category is in its third edition, bigger and aware of its role of being an open space for discussions on productions, publicity and distribution of documentary films of all types. We've noted an increase in the documentary projects submitted. We've selected five documentary projects, which will receive a personalized consultancy made by professionals of international renown, who have strong ties to the documentary film's events and experience in promoting and divulging this kind of genre. Our expectation is that from their experience and generosity, they can give a fresh input to the projects in development.

 We count on professionals with a strong background on Brazilian and international market to launch an artistic movement of advanced ideas, improving the quality of our projects selection, fine tuning our choices of guests and enriching our program.

The members of the selected projects will have the opportunity to consult and have help in preparing a summarized presentation of their projects for their one-on-one meeting with international professionals as wells as with participants especially invited for our event.

 At this time of intense doubts and different positions, the BrazilCineMundi is a coherent and rational platform, strengthening the presence of the dazzling Brazilian Film, which holds the attention of the domestic and international market.

In this edition, we have the privilege to welcome partners coming from Portugal, facilitating future agreements of transparent coproductions with the support of Lusophony.

Guests coming from Canada will represent this big film market, respectful of the authorial cinema, with experience in coproduction in general, not to mention its valuable coproduction agreement with Brazil.

We'll cover the growing importance of coproductions in creating stronger national film identities, especially in Latin America. It's a discussion of extreme importance to the current panorama of the Latin-American film industry; particularly considering the path it could or should take. Since the early 90s, in Latin America, there were countless government programs based on tax incentives, subsidies, tax benefits, among others, which have quickly become vital to stimulate the production of audiovisual content, as well as its distribution, exhibition and film project developments. This trend is expanding and gaining a prominent role, the extent to which policymakers are considering new mechanisms applicable to the globalized audiovisual context and the digital environment.

The partnerships and exchange programs that Brazil Cinemundi has been building for the last few years, such as Torino FilmLab (Italy), Ventana Sur (Argentina), Cinelátino - Toulouse (France) and, in this edition, the new partnership with Doc Montevideo (Uruguay), all of them have directcontribution in helping the awarded Brazilian projects, their directors and producers, to follow a path of continuing participation in international events. Several prizes will be awarded in financial resources, equipment and post-production. 

Our event also promotes debates and dialogues addressing the Latin American coproductions with Canada and France. We’ll present, in the Brazil CineMundi International Seminar,talks focused on international distribution, round tables, practical studies based on real cases and experiences on coproduction.

Following in the tradition of our memorable previous editions, we'd like to thank the participation of all cultural players, especially the producers and filmmakers. And, in particular, our partners and sponsors, private, local, state and federal institutions that have continually supported Brazil CineMundi, making this magnificent contribution to help the development of the Brazilian film industry, and in connecting it with the world.

Welcome to the 7th edition of BrazilCineMundi!

 GudulaMeinzolt |Switzerland
Paulo de Carvalho |Germany
SéverineRoinssard |France
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